Design Process


Design Process


After we receive a brief from the client with the deed, property photos, desired building type, number of rooms, and price (in the case of a motel or hotel), we will conclude functional spaces, program design space in square meters, estimate construction budget, and prepare quotations for the design service. We offer free preliminary consultation.

Design Phases


Conceptual Design

  • Prepare graphic materials to describe each design concept.
  • Review design concepts with client.
  • Identify life-safety and building code issues.
  • Evaluate and select a design concept to be developed.

Design Development

  • Develop the approved design concept.
  • Prepare drawings, including plans, reflected ceiling plans, interior elevations and details.
  • Develop art, accessory and graphic/signage programs.
  • Prepare a list of materials and equipment for specification.
  • Engage a contractor or estimator for preliminary pricing of design.

Construction Documents

  • Prepare documents for construction.

We offer free preliminary consultation.

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