“ We work hard on every project
to find the best solution
for our clients.
Our approach is connection
between natural surroundings
and interior space
under comfortable living. ”

Seventy Co., Ltd. is the wide-range habitation developer to serve real-estate sector. Establishing around 5 years ago in the heart of the most exciting tourism industry, Phuket, Thailand, give us experienced with our specialties which are housing project, range from compact size to luxury housing (2-5 bedrooms).

Seventy Co., Ltd. has been experienced in many contour site projects, i.e. houses, condominiums, and hotels. We already found the solution of the strict regulation and sensitive environment issue under high efficiency of the functional and aesthetic building. Interior decoration design and material consultant are what’s more to our services. The company keys of successful are dedicate design with context concerning. We respect the mother of nature.

We work hard on every project to find the best solution for our clients. Our approach is connection between natural surroundings and interior space under comfortable living. We are concerning both aesthetic and financial together, high efficiency is between high profit and aesthetic. We are ready and willing to be the total solution for you.